So… I Hopped on the “Marvin’s Room” Remixes Train.





So I was bored in my room, and I hopped on.

Today, and only today, will I allow you to call me a hop on.  The truth is, I did copy off of everyone else, I was inspired to remix it after everyone from Teyana Taylor to Chris Brown did.  Now I understand why, that song is so freakin’ fun to sing maaan.

Shout out to Drake though, I mean I’ve never seen so many people wanting to remake a song like this.  Kudos my man.

Anywho, I was playing around in my room and uhh… I was like, hey I wonder what people will think.  So I posted it, I want to know what you think!  But just remember, “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit”… or Drake’s.


Listen Here.

Stay Beautiful,







2 Responses to “So… I Hopped on the “Marvin’s Room” Remixes Train.”
  1. You’re so amazing and we love keeping up with you! Let us know if you’d ever love to guest blog 🙂

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