Behind the Scenes Video from Rihanna’s LOUD Tour

#RihannaNavy stand up!

Ms. RiRi has been touring for a while now, and so far I have heard nothing but great reviews from her fans.  I saw Rihanna in concert last Summer and she’s a great performer in her own right!  I think with more performance experience, she will be unstoppable in the coming years.  I love how comfortable she is on stage in front of her fans.  She’s a young woman who is fearless, fierce, fabulous, and fun.  I heard this tour is even better than the last, and I LOVED her Loud” album.  

Her team recorded Rihanna behind the scenes, working and preparing for her international tour.  She is still on tour now, check here to see if she is coming to an area near you!  

Here are the behind-the-scenes videos:


Awww I would love to dance for her.  She also seems like she would be a cool friend to have.  Shopping on her! OW!

She recently brought the house down when she performed “What’s My Name” with Canada’s own rap king, Drake.  As you may have heard, the two were seen coming out of each other’s hotels and having dinner together.  Sources say, the two are an item… I’m sorry, I don’t buy it yet.  I mean, why can’t they just be friends?  I think Rihanna is Drake’s friend, though it may not be the other way around.

Unfortunately… I missed her when she came to my area.  If you went, feel free to comment below and tell me what you thought!  Also, Rihanna has caused quite a controversy with her latest video, “Man Down”, but I loved it.  You can read my opinion on the video here.  She responded on 106 last week.  Watch below!

That’s right Riri, stand up for your video girl.

Stay Beautiful,



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