Beyonce’s New Single “Best Thing You Never Had”

Beyonce’s new song isn’t as lovey dovey as the last two she released.  Hear it for yourself though…

I am so surprised that we are hearing all of these songs from Beyonce’s “4″ album before it actually is released on June 28th.  Her people have never done that, but then again… She does have new people.  I’m assuming they’re doing all of this to get fans amped up about the entire album, but I don’t know, I would really like to hear something I’ve never heard when the album actually comes out!  Before the internet and “free” music, listening to an album for the first time used to be an event for me.  Now, I already know every song before it comes out… I guess things change.

But onto business, Beyonce’s new single, “Best Thing You Never Had”, was written by old school R&B singer Babyface and produced by Symbolyc One, whom you may know of because he produced Kanye’s “Power”.  The karma- inspired single was rumored to be released today, and Beyonce’s camp gave fans exactly what they wanted when they posted it on her official site earlier this morning.

I like the single, but I don’t love it, not like I love 1+1″ or “End of Time”.  It might just grow on me though, when I first heard “Run the World (Girls)”, I wasn’t its’ biggest fan and now I listen to it every time it comes on the radio.  You be the judge, listen below!

So what did you think?  Leave a comment, tweet me, facebook me, I want to know!

Stay Beautiful,




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